The Driving Consultancy

Disabled Driving Assessment & Tuition

The Driving Consultancy offer an assessment service to clients of all ages. We can advise on adaptations that will enable a client to either commence driving or retrain using a different method of control.

Please remember, it is an assessment and not a test. We offer recommendations, advice and, where necessary, tuition.

What happens at the assessment?

An informal chat will take place to ascertain your level of mobility and how this affects you in day to day situations. Following this, it is a legal requirement that an eyesight test is carried out, which will involve you reading a car number plate at a distance of 20 metres. If you require contact lenses or spectacles for driving, please remember to bring them with you. Also, don’t forget that the Consultant Driving Advisers will need to see both parts of your driving licence.

An on-road drive will then take place in a vehicle most suited to your needs, which will last approximately 45 minutes. Following this, you will be given verbal advice and recommendations from the Driving Adviser or Occupational Therapist prior to a report being completed and sent to you within 2 weeks of your assessment date.

  • Advice on adaptations that will enable you to either commence driving or retrain using a
    different method of control.
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  • We can provide expert advice
    on all aspects of motorbike
    and LGV driving and licensing.

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  • Do you have a client who has a disability as a result of a road traffic collision, medical negligence or other “accident”?
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  • Free, independent advice regarding all aspects of our service.

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  • Have you had your licence revoked on medical grounds?

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We are an expert witness service provider specialising in personal transport needs. 

It’s people’s abilities that count, not their disabilities.

We specialise in personal transport related mobility solutions.