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We have 25 years of experience in the driver training industry in addition to having completed further medical training with the Forum of Mobility Centres and the Bond Solon/Cardiff University Expert Witness course, enabling us to attend court as expert witnesses in any litigation proceedings.

Fiona Dennehy

Having trained as a driving instructor, Fiona then diversified and became a trainer on Driver Improvement courses for Warwickshire Police.

She joined The Forum of Mobility Centres in 2007. The purpose of the centres is to provide driving assessments for the DVLA, Motability and numerous solicitors firms. Fiona worked for the centre until 2010 advising clients on adaptations and providing expert tuition to those that required it.

During the same period of time, Fiona was involved with the Northamptonshire Casualty Reduction Partnership in providing driving courses for elderly motorists, which were held at Silverstone racetrack. She was also invited to sit on the sub-committee of the partnership, which assisted older drivers in retraining and retaining their driving licences. Fiona is still invloved in current Driver Alterness courses.

Fiona also completed the Bond Solon and Cardiff University program to enable her to be an expert court witness in civil litigation proceedings
  • Advice on adaptations that will enable you to either commence driving or retrain using a
    different method of control.
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  • We can provide expert advice
    on all aspects of motorbike
    and LGV driving and licensing.

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  • Do you have a client who has a disability as a result of a road traffic collision, medical negligence or other “accident”?
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  • Free, independent advice regarding all aspects of our service.

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  • Have you had your licence revoked on medical grounds?

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We are an expert witness service provider specialising in personal transport needs. 

It’s people’s abilities that count, not their disabilities.

We specialise in personal transport related mobility solutions.